Rasta Man Black Ready Wrap

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Jah Roots Ready Wraps allow those who are not too familiar with wrapping their heads with cloth, now gives customers the ability to execute the look and do so effortlessly and elegantly. Jah Roots Ready Wraps are stylish, comfortable, & durable, and its made from 50% cotton and 50% spandex; which yields an incredible, comfortable, breathable, head covering while retaining essential oils and nutrients of the hair and scalp. Jah Roots Ready Wraps are recommended by local salons to customers who wish to preserve intricate, long lasting, salon hair style while sleeping, opposed to usage of hair scarves. Jah Roots Ready Wraps are also Washing Machine & Dryer Friendly.



1.  XS(Extra Small) 

Thin Loc's - center of your back

Medium Loc's - shoulder length

Thick Loc's - Short Length

2.  S(Small) 

Thin Loc's - to your buttock

Medium Loc's - center of your back

Thick Loc's - shoulder length.

3.  M(Medium) 

Thin Loc's - Knee Length 

Medium Loc's - to your buttock

Thick Loc's - center of your back.

4.  L(Large)  

Thin Loc's - touching the floor

Medium Loc's - Knee Length

Thick Loc's - to your buttock.

5.  XL(Extra Large) 

Medium Loc's - touching the floor

Thick Loc's - Knee Length.

6.  XXL(Double Extra Large) 

Thick Loc's - touching the floor.

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