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Peter Larson
Build Your Brand

Peter Larson

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August 15, 2023

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Crafting Your Brand with Custom Apparel

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Creating a strong brand is essential for any organization. Whether you are a business, church, education, or any other space branding is everywhere. One great way to achieve this is through the use of apparel.

By incorporating your brand's logo, colors, and message onto clothing and accessories, you can create a visual representation of your brand that people will remember.
One of the most important things to consider when using apparel to build a brand is the quality of the garments/items. People are more likely to remember your brand and wear your clothing if it is high-quality and comfortable. We have all received those giveaway tees that shrink in the washer and immediately get thrown away. In many scenarios, the investment of higher end garments can pay off!

The design  that you put on the apparel is another important consideration. There are lots of creative ways to incorporate your logo on the apparel. Think about your customers, church members or people that you will be selling/giving these to... What are designs and styles that they would love? Consider using a combination of bold and subtle branding to create a balance between visibility and elegance.

Another idea for building your brand is through the use of limited edition or exclusive items. Creating limited edition or exclusive apparel items can create a sense of exclusivity and scarcity, which can make customers more likely to purchase and wear your clothing. We have seen all types of organizations do this well in their market. This can be achieved by creating a limited run of clothing items, or by releasing new designs on a regular basis. 

Lastly, consider the distribution of your apparel. If you are selling the shirts, there are 2 main ways to do this: 

1) Take preorders.
This is the lowest risk option... You can put up a digital mockup to your audience and have them pay upfront. This way, you are able to gather sizes and some upfront money to work with.
2) Build inventory, then sell.
If you have budget set aside, or generally know the types of sizes people will be ordering. This is a faster way to get your items out there. You then could have the garments in hand before you actually sell them, allowing you to create specific content around the items. 
Custom apparel is a powerful tool for building a brand. Investing in high-quality, well-designed clothing, creating limited edition or exclusive items, and utilizing various distribution channels, you can create a visual representation of your brand that customers will remember and want to wear.